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Debt rescheduling is not only worthwhile in many cases – but it also works easier and faster than you think:

Compare current loan interest online, cancel your previous loan and apply for a new cheap loan contract digitally, have consumer credit, mortgage lending or the expensive overdraft on your account redeemed. Your debt restructuring is done with savings!

How high are your interest rates for consumer credit, your overdraft facility on your account or your mortgage? You will probably pay significantly higher rates than would be necessary.

This is not surprising: old financing is usually significantly more expensive and many euros are withdrawn from the account every month that are not needed.

A new low-interest debt rescheduling loan is much easier – you pay smaller installments, save yourself high-interest costs and in the end, more remains in the cash register. The best thing about it: debt restructuring is done for you in a few simple steps today.

Debt rescheduling – how can I easily save money?

Debt rescheduling - how can I easily save money?

Regular surveys of consumer advocates show year after year: once a loan agreement has been signed, most borrowers in Austria remain loyal to their bank’s financing – no matter how high the interest rate and monthly installments ultimately are.

Frankly not exactly smart: Because with a simple debt rescheduling through currently cheap loan interest, several hundred euros can be saved quickly – and not only with huge sums and long terms.

Debt restructuring is easy: Debt restructuring is very easy today and is worth it in eight out of ten cases. Online loans are many times cheaper today than a few years ago and can be conveniently completed online in just a few minutes. After two working days, the new loan will be credited to your own account or your current bank and the old loan can be repaid immediately.

Explore new credit quickly: So if you currently have debts with banks or intermediaries and have had to repay them with high installments for years, you should immediately explore alternatives with low-interest rates and flexible terms.

With our online loan calculator, the best current conditions can be compared immediately – in just a few days this can be the start of an affordable refinancing for you.

Note possible costs: In order to be able to actually save money with your debt rescheduling, you should of course first check the possible costs of your current loans and compare them with the current bank offers.

It is also important that you inquire about any late payment interest, prepayment penalties or other additional expenses in the event of termination from your current bank. So have them calculated in advance and if possible confirmed in writing.

Tip: A low-interest debt rescheduling loan is particularly worthwhile for financing with currently high-interest rates and longer remaining terms. Even with regular overdrafts or several small loans, you will usually save a lot of money by rescheduling with a cheap online loan.

Financing better – what should the main goal of your debt restructuring be?

Financing better - what should the main goal of your debt restructuring be?

Basically very simple: Debt restructuring should always significantly reduce your monthly charge for the current loan:

Lower rate: Above all in the form of cheaper effective interest rates and unnecessary loan expenses – in the end, this means a significantly lower rate for your loan. In most cases, this is possible without any problems due to the currently very low-interest rate level.

Early repayment: You can also save additional costs on modern debt rescheduling loans with additional free special repayments or with full early repayment of the loan. Conversely, a loan for debt rescheduling can also easily expand your existing credit line if necessary. For current additional purchases or requests beyond the existing financing.

How exactly does an online debt restructuring work?


Regardless of whether you want to combine several existing consumer loans, redeem a permanent overdraft facility or reorganize the previous real estate loan including follow-up financing: the process of rescheduling is always the same at banks:

Clarify possible deadlines: First of all, find out whether certain deadlines have to be met when repaying your old loan. In your current loan agreement, you will usually find all the information here. You should also contact your current bank.

Determine the remaining amount: Furthermore, calculate how high the current remaining debt of your existing loan is. This results in the sum of the new installment loan for further financing.

This can be easily explored using the current repayment schedule, and your credit advisor will be happy to help you if necessary.

Carry out a credit comparison: In our credit comparison, you can then compare different banks and their loan offers in Austria free of charge and without obligation.

Once you have found a suitable cheaper loan for debt rescheduling, you can then apply for your personal loan offer directly online with the respective bank in just a few simple steps.

Submit loan application online: What is now missing is personal legitimation, the upload of your documents and the signature of the loan agreement – all of this is now completely digital at direct banks. Online via video ident procedure on PC, laptop or smartphone, convenient account view and via online signature from home.

Can replace credit: Upon receipt and review of documents and loan agreement governs everything else after your new lender for you automatically.

He contacts the previous credit institution, informs them of your wish to replace the old loan and posts the previous liabilities to the new credit account. The only requirement is a power of attorney to your new bank.