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Which bank currently offers the lowest interest rates on real estate and consumer loans? In our loan interest calculator, you will find loans from 3,000 to 65,000 dollars from 3.07%. The cheapest loan is offered by Good Finance. If you want to get over 65,000 dollars, you can use mortgage loans.

With a good credit rating

With a good credit rating

These are possible from 0.90% interest pa. The loan amount financed is usually between 65,000 and 1,000,000 dollars.

In addition to our online comparison, you will also find common credit questions and background information on loan interest rates in Austria on this page.

You will also find details on our other pages

  • Small loans (up to $ 1,500)
  • credit
  • current accounts

Our tip and an alternative to the loan interest calculator

  • Credit comparison of different banks
  • Offers within 24 hours
  • Online, fast and free
  • up to 75,000 dollars

Our tip in the field of home finance

Our personal tip with a high acceptance rate and low-interest rates for building loans up to USD 1,000,000 is our partner Optifin. Click here to send an inquiry to Optifin and receive offers from several banks within a few days:

Online comparison of loan interest

Online comparison of loan interest

Would you like to know what your monthly loan interest is? Use our loan interest calculator!

In our loan interest calculator, you will find current loan interest and other conditions for banks in Austria listed in a table according to their interest rate. All information is provided without warranty. For some of the offers, the interest depends on the creditworthiness.

After entering the required amount and the term, the loan calculator determines the offers in question and lists them clearly. You can use this loan calculator to compare the interest on installment loans for debt rescheduling, home furnishings or car financing. If you would like to use the money to finance a house or an apartment, you can switch to our mortgage loan calculator here.

Background information on our lending rates in Austria

Our overview of topics:

  • How high are the loan interest rates in Austria in comparison?
  • Interest rate development for newly granted loans to households in Austria from June 2018 to June 2019
  • What should be considered when comparing the loan calculator?
  • How are interest rates calculated? (Video)
  • More loans and less interest
  • What can be financed with an installment loan
  • Leasing or credit, which is cheaper?
  • Who can take out a loan? (Video)
  • How useful is zero percent financing?