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Credit cards in Russia are hugely popular. They allow you to buy things as quickly as necessary and then settle the debt with interest. Credit cards work in different programs.

They play an important role for customers. The “Conscience” card was recently published in Russia. How do I do that? What kind of plastic is it? We have to answer these questions further. Indeed, such a proposal may seem attractive to some of the country’s residents. 

What is the conscience card?


This name is a plastic card from “Instant Care Bank”. “Conscience” – this is the most commonly used credit card. She can pay for purchases and then debts. Nothing seems difficult. In fact, the “Conscience” card (as we will deal with later) allows you to take goods in installments rather than on credit. You can call this plastic installment card or interest-free credit card. Quite a tempting offer – buy and not overpay.

Over borders

How do you issue a “conscience” card? First, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms of use. Plastic is issued for a maximum of 5 years. After that, it has to be published again.

The credit limit for the card is 300 000 dollars. More than this amount will not work. The previously accumulated debts must be deleted.

No more restrictions. Unless plastic can be used widely by all outlets. But more on that later.

How do you issue a “conscience” card?

How do you issue a "conscience" card?

To do this, the customer must meet certain conditions of the Instant Care Bank. Usually there is no problem with this item. However, everyone needs to know the requirements.

To issue a Conscience card rate, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have a permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation;
  • be a citizen of Russia;
  • have no outstanding loans (debts);
  • have a good credit history;
  • have an official source of permanent income (it is sometimes necessary to confirm this when manufacturing plastic).

Maybe that’s all. The installment payment card can be issued without confirmation of official income. However, it is better if the citizen has the relevant papers at the time of the request. They will greatly simplify the process.

In addition to the above requirements, the citizen must have a mobile phone. Otherwise the card cannot be issued and issued. Finally, “conscience” is connected to the mobile phone.

Payment by installments

Payment by installments

Many are interested in how much interest-free credit is spent on the Conscience card. This is an important point. After all, a citizen has to pay a small fine after the deadlines. We’ll talk about that later.

When a customer thinks about how to create a conscience card, they should understand that installment payments are available for different periods. It all depends on where the plastic was paid for.

For example, you can focus on the following data:

  • MVideo – 4 months.
  • “Optics Aircraft” – up to six months.
  • Svyaznoy and Aeroflot – 3 months.

The maximum installment plan is 1 year. It is recommended to clarify more detailed information in the partner business of Instant Care Bank.

How can I apply for a conscience card? This is not that difficult to do. However, you need to make sure that the process is divided into several parts.


  1. Application form. The options for implementing the ideas are described below.
  2. Confirmation of the request and receipt of a card on hand.
  3. Plastic activation.

Everything is very simple and clear. In general, the algorithm of the actions does not differ significantly from the design of a regular credit card. The difference is that Conscience does not require anything special from the customer. And it is taking shape outside the banks.

Should I consider how to draw a card? “Conscience”? Yes, if a person makes frequent purchases in Instant Care Bank partner stores. Otherwise, the plastic will not work. This is warned at the time of application.

A small disadvantage of plastic is that it cannot withdraw money from ATMs. “Conscience” only offers cashless payments. Not very practical. Especially if a person rarely purchases from Instant Care Bank partners.

Applying for a “conscience” card is easy. The process takes only a few minutes. It takes a few days for the plastic to finish. If you make a personal request to the Instant Care Bank representative (you can find this on the official service page for each city), the card will be issued immediately.